Services Offered

We service all makes of units, both commercial and residential.
Our winter and summer service include the following:


  • Take temperature rise
  • Inspect thermostat
  • Oil all applicable motors
  • Take motor amps
  • Test heat strips
  • Check defrost board
  • Inspect pilot light
  • Check safety switches
  • Check gas/air mixture
  • Inspect burners
  • Inspect electrical wires
  • Test blower control
  • Take refrigerant pressures
  • Check condenser/evap coil

Air Conditioning

  • Take temperature splits
  • Check thermostat
  • Check air handler/elbow for leaks
  • Check amp draws
  • Inspect drain line
  • Check condenser/evap coil
  • Oil all applicable motors
  • Inspect contactors and relays
  • Test run caps
  • Inspect wiring
  • Inspect disconnect
  • Take refrigerant pressures
  • Check electrical connection
  • Check motor bearings

Our service agreements are a bi-annual performance check and service on your unit. These help lower your utility bills, extend the life of your unit, increase your system's performance and reduce the need for repairs. Service agreements are for people in the general Valley area (additional charge for homes outside our general boundaries). Check with office at time of contract purchase. Full payment needs to be made at time of signing contract, either by check or credit card. Spring service needs to be done by June 1st and fall service by Dec 1st. These services need to be performed during normal business hours.

Service/repairman      Service/repairmen      Service/repairman

The contract price includes 1 lb. of Freon, per unit, per year, and 1 hour of service, additional time will be charged at our normal rate of $65.00 per hour. All parts will be extra. There will be a 10% discount for all parts under $100.00.


Contract prices are as follows:

  • 1 year - 1 unit: $110.00

  • 1 year - 2 units: $190.00

  • 1 year - 3 units: $250.00

  • 2 years - 1 unit: $200.00

  • 2 years - 2 units: $270.00

  • 2 years - 3 units: $320.00

We also do commercial service contracts. We will keep your store or business units in top operating order. Our scheduling department will have your service done for you on a rotating schedule. Check with our office for special price quotes.

Click here to download a printable Service Contract